"Missions" is not just a slogan to us. It defines who we are. We currently set aside 21% of our budget to support mission work around the world and we are committed to increasing that percentage even more. We don't just send our money, however, we send our people to hard places to make Jesus Christ known.

In the early 1990s the Lord began to awaken us more intently to focus on getting the Gospel to unreached people groups (UPGs). We adopted one such group and began to pray for them and Christian workers who live among them. We also began to pray that God would raise up workers from among our own membership who would go to the hard place where the majority of this people group lives in order to make Jesus Christ known to them. The Lord heard our prayers and within a few years we sent one of our deacons and his family to live with them. Through their ministry there over several years many became believers and were formed into the first church among this people.

In 2004 we sent another deacon and his family to work among Central Asian and other refugees in Greece. They also were involved in planting a church comprised of new believers. 

In January 2009 we sent a young lady to Central Asia join a team who lives and works among a Muslim UPG. In September 2010 we sent another of our young adults to join a team in Southeast Asia to work among another Muslim UPG.

While Central Asia has been our focus, we have also been involved in spreading the Gospel in other parts of the world. In 2001 we sent one of our elders and his family to serve among an UPG in Paraguay, where they have seen people become followers of Jesus and gathered into new churches. In July 2010 these workers saw a breakthrough with one of the last remaining UPGs in Paraguay.

We have also sent members to minister in Mexico, Greece, Romania, Brazil, China, Portugal, Guyana, Antigua, Zambia, Indonesia and South Africa. In the Fall of 2010 we sent a small team on a vision trip to Haiti to continue ministering to those whose lives were tragically disrupted by the great earthquake that hit in January 2010. From that initial effort we are now involved in an ongoing work involving training pastors and church leaders as well as serving orphans and encouraging sustainable rebuiliding. Our first constructin project and Pastors Bible Conference were carried out in January 2011. 

In addition to all this, we are in regular contact with missionaries and indigenous pastors in dozens of nations. Our desire is to serve and encourage those who are working to make Jesus known to the nations.